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Get creative and let the wild side come out

Whether you are a musician, songwriter, actor, painter, sculpturer, designer, photographer, artist of any kind looking for a space to be creative, showcase your art, run your own workshops and lessons? We offer a spaces to re-charge and re-inspire artists far away from the pressures of daily life.

Taking you to a journey


The Perfect place to run your workshop! We have PA's, projector screen, projector, table, chairs and everything you need to run your workshop not forgetting the awesome inspiring environment. 

Live is always the best

Pocket Gigs or Small Rehearsals

Looking for a small venue for an intimate gig? Keen to film a new music video? Muso Lab is the place to go!

We can cater for small gigs, music video clips and photoshoots for your band and project. 

Perfect for DJ's, Producers, Acoustic/Unplugged bands and artists.

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Showcase your talent


Are you a music teacher looking for a private space for single or group music classes?
At Muso Lab you can hire our space that suit to your needs


Are you a music student looking for starting from scratch or improving your advanced skills? Here at Muso Lab we can also connect you to the best music teachers in Sydney.

Playing Saxophone
Playing Guitar
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