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Covid-19 Update! 

Muso Lab is back! 


Our Rehearsal Room is open and waiting for you and your band to Rock'n'Roll.

Please email us to book your session.





Muso Lab's Production Room provide a discrete professional space for musos of all genres, local bands, artist showcases, or anyone else looking for an affordable quality production space.

We know that everyone has a different budget, we will try our best to cater to everyone!

Learning to play a musical instrument is challenging, but the rewards are amazing.

We offer a friendly, personalised learning environment that gives students the opportunity to unleash their true musical potential.

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Whether you are a Musician, Songwriter, Painter, Dancer, Designer, Actor, Photographer, or artist of any kind looking for a space to be creative,  showcase your art or run your own LIVE STREAM or WEBINAR? We offer a spaces to re-charge and re-inspire artists far away from the pressures of daily life.

You want to launch a podcast but you don't have the time, the budget for a fancy microphone or don't know where to start?

Our in-house engineers can take care of the entire process from recording to editing to uploading to your service of choice.


Muso Lab is the place where musicians meet, with our company by-line stating “For creative minds…” we believe that regular rehearsals disciplines the musicians, honing in on their music-making before performing in front of an audience. A good space enables and nurtures the music-making process. It helps musicians to feel comfortable, encouraging freedom of expression and implicitly agreed by its users as a safe place to explore ideas.




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8 Shirlow st,

Marrickville, NSW  2204

Tel: 0432 556 264

Our studio is open 7 days a week:

Monday - Friday: 10am - 12am

Saturday and Sunday: 11am - 12am