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Muso Lab is where musicians meet, with our company by-line stating “For creative minds…” We believe that regular rehearsals discipline the musicians, honing in on their music-making before performing in front of an audience. A good space enables and nurtures the music-making process. It helps musicians to feel comfortable, encouraging freedom of expression and implicitly agreed by its users as a safe place to explore ideas.

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Located in Marrickville, in the heart of Sydney's Inner West, 10 minutes from Newtown, Muso Lab is a  fully equipped music studio to host various of projects purposes in different shapes and sizes.

Our rehearsal room accommodates up to 8 performers comfortably, connected to the production room upstairs, via a 16-channel snake cable, allowing bands to either practice or go for a live recording session. We also count on a super funky Creative Space, where you can showcase your art, get inspirational, run your workshop or lesson, or streaming your podcast. These 3 spaces represent all stages of a creative life-cycle: create, practice and refine, record and show.

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